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Otto: Visual References

Some visual references and jokes within the visuals of the Part Two animation are...
The henchmen’s armbands reading ‘Ki, ss, me, quick’
Otto Kicking ‘Door’, Jim Morrison statue
But who was he, being George Dubya Bush
The ‘Ping Pong’ with the Hedgehog ‘dropping one’
The cost of flesh, being in old money spells out LSD
Arthur Rackham hanging on a wall
The various jokes in the list of artists, Vin Goff, and of course Viv eating worms, birds and badgers
John Wayne reading an autocue in a gay bar
The Piranhas and Giacometti statue
Candice’s arrival referring to the Exorcist/Nosferatu with darkened outline
Ralph’s arrival refers to the Third Man (listen to the music and this one makes sense)
Justin (Timberlake) blowing his brains out to inflate a balloon

Cannibalism: Visual References

Some visual references and jokes in the Part One animation are...
Peter Cushing creating diseases - film poster from ? - JON?
Roxanne needed a red light for the Police reference
Steward is Edgar Allen Poe, po faced
There's just something special about a tortoise in a gimp mask...
Tortoise does YMCA dance, David Armand's "things", the vile inn and string theory
Pickled Poodle (half) á la Damian Hirst
Dead Ma - the sign is the outline of the island.
A couple of Titanic references
Christopher Robin going down on Alice
D'Israeli went to school in Walthamstowe
The fountain is in St. Peter's Square
Bicycle reference to the original 'Raindrops Keep falling...' in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.