Our new Animation can be viewed here.


Here is a visual representation of one of Vivian Stanshall’s Rawlinson End Radio shows. It's a cartoon. Of Sir Henry, Scrotum and Co.

Toward the end of his life Vivian was in negotiations with Channel 4 to make an animated series of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End, unfortunately nothing came of it because Vivian died soon afterwards. We don’t know how much if any work was actually produced for this, nor if Channel 4 was still interested in producing the series after Vivian’s death.
What we’ve been able to produce, hopefully Vivian would have approved. of.
There are likely to be more of these animations, we don’t know how many, but for the moment let's just say there’ll be at least one more.

We were mad to do one, doolally to do two, so who knows?

So to the animation- it's big, it's Flash (so get out your plugins) and it's here.