Now 3

To let those of you who've joined our little clique of Vivian & Bonzo fans as a part of our fan club know, our next CD-Rom newsletter 'I don't know what I want, but I want it NOW: Volume 3' should be out in the post to you at around the 25 March, which is what we're aiming for, barring any further obstructions.

We're sorry about this delay, but for both myself and Andy life has been getting in the way of more enjoyable projects like this just a wee bit more than we'd like lately.
But have no fear, we are nearly finished with it and once we are I shall get it off in the post as soon as is humanly possible.

For those of you who've joined the fan club and not yet received your membership packs, this is the reason why not, as soon as we've got this little hiccup sorted they will be off to you, and again I apologise if the delay has been at all bothersome for you, but we're on the job, as it were.

Many thanks for all your patience,
Jonathan Street