Interviews With or About Viv

Interviews about Viv

These have been made by Jon, who never misses an opportunity to corner anyone who ever met Viv and point a microphone at them. Most of the questions are inaudible as he never points the mike at himself, but the answers are illuminating.

Neil Innes on Viv

Neil Innes on the Bonzos' influences.

Neil Innes on The Gonzo Bar Band

Bill Kates on Viv in the houseboat

Steve Roberts (Sir Henry's director) talks about the film
part 1 part 2

Interview with the Gonzo Dog Do Bar Band
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

Interview with Lucian Randall & Chris Welch (Authors of Ginger Geezer)
On Vivian's dark side On their favourites On the Gonzos On the houseboat