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The list of recordings and tracks below is derived from the live and radio work of Vivian and the Bonzo’s, nothing here is copied from material that is or was commercially available.
We have the encouragement of Vivian’s relatives, and we believe it’s fundamentally right to preserve and promote this material for Vivian’s fans.

Having fully explained to Rupert Stanshall that this is very much a fan-based website, we are co-operating with his wishes because a good site dedicated to Vivian as a man and his varied works is a joint desire.

Our mission is similar to what the Neil Innes Sound Archive (NISA) did before it closed, with the large volume of recordings made of the still performing Neil Innes.

This is only a list of live and rare recordings, material can only be borrowed for personal research purposes.

CD Albums:

Harold Hare And Other Droppings
A short childrens story by Vivian, with some other sketches and songs by him from radio, mostly low quality recordings.

1978 interview of Vivian is on the‘Interviews’ CD

Live Stuff:

Live 1972 - Also known as ‘The Laughing Man tape’ and features Neil Innes
Alive in ’72 with Neil innes and Friends (same as above but edited down to songs only)
Live 1975 At Free Trade Hall, Manchester (2 CD’s)
Also Known as : Live 13/9/1975 At J.B.'s Dudley ('Suicidal' Comeback) / Vivarium
Live 1978 At Leicester
Live 1991 At Burnley Mechanics (2 CD's)
Rawlinson Dog End's Live 1991 At Kings Theatre 1 (2 CD's) The best of the 1991 recordings in both performance and sound quality
Live in Sheffield Leadmills 1991 (2 CD's)
Live 1991 ‘Band on the wall’ (2 CD's) A very low quality recording

N.I.S.A. (Neil Innes Sound Archive) - Bonzo’s

Boot The Dog
Live At Filmore East 1969
Top Geezer
Lost Bones (low quality)
Isle Of Money
Karaoke Kaos
Chaos In The Studio
It Was A Great Party


Manchester 1975 Live : The Songs From [review]
Sir Henry : Live [review] - Various Sketches from several of Viv’s Live tours

Live 1975: The Unabridged Concert - The same as above, Manchester

Breath From the Pit: Colonel Knut & Lemmie - Sketches from Radio sources including Radio Flashes, featuring Keith Moon

Interviews - A collection of Interviews of Viv, from 1960’s to 1980’s

Bonzo CD's:

Normal Hawaiians
Urban Spacemen Do Exist - The ‘Colour Me Pop’ soundtrack & Live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam/Radio Hilversum
Live 1968 Bootleg AKA Wizardo 300, not actually Live, sources Radio & Do Not Adjust Your Set TV series
Live at the Marquee Club & Extra’s, (one of which is The Adventures of the Son of the Exploding Sausage a live recording of a short film soundtrack made with the Bonzo’s)
Bonzo-Acetates (alternate versions of Keynsham songs recorded before Keynsham, but unreleased)
Bonzo-Night at the NFT 1994
Colour Me Pop Soundtrack - Similar to that on Urban Spacemen do Exist, but with one extra track
Unreleased Bonzo Sessions (Not on BBC 'Complete' Recordings) – these are Peel sessions
Live Bonzo’s – Radio & TV Spots (poor quality)
Loose Caboose - A Dutch Vinyl Bootleg, with very rare tracks on it, eg: Viv in Tommy
Ex-Bonzo Dog Band BBC Sessions - CD of Viv’s Big Grunt & Freaks & Roger Ruskin Spear on Tog Gear/Marty Amok

Neil Innes:
Neil Innes Interviews (NISA) Includes ‘Shake, Chuckle & Roll’ Documentary featuring Vivian
Innes Own World – 2 CD Radio Show, January 2003 (NISA)

Radio Programmes:

Rawlinson End Radio Shows -15 Episodes (Including a 1975 Peel Session with Big Grunt) Spread over 3 CD’s to form a set .

There are also a number of out-takes of Rawlinson End sketches as mp3 files on a single CD

Vivian Elucidates: A Compilation
Sounds Of The Sixties 3/1/1987 (BBC Radio Bristol)
Crank (TV Soundtrack)

Seventies to Nineties: A Compilation
S.S. Sausage (Start of the Week)
Literary Rubbish (From If it’s Wednesday…)
One Mans Week 1974 BBC 2 TV Soundtrack
From Essex Teenager To Renaissance Man November 1994 Radio 4

The Voices: A Compilation
Midweek 7th April 1991 Radio 4 & three ‘Start Of The Week’ shows (3 very low quality 1971-2)


Big Shot : A Journey Through The Canyons Of Vivian Stanshall’s Mind 21/4/2001 R2

Return To Jollity Farm – Bonzo Docu 1997

Shake, Chuckle and Roll – Bonzo Docu 1992 Vivian is interviewed, this documentary is on the same disc as the Neil Innes Interviews CD.

Bonzo Files (US radio show/Documentary, never aired, produced in March 2003)


(note: DVD’s may not play on some DVD Players)

All DVD-R's are PAL and not region encoded.

Hoppity Oats (formerly viv DVD 1)
Late Show ‘Diamond Geezer’ 1991 AKA ‘Crank’ / ‘The Early Years’
Ruddles Beer Ad’s
Bonzo AVI’s 12 of these

Stockings (formerly Viv DVD 2)
Never Mind The Buzzcocks (with Neil Innes 2002)
Mr Cadburys Parrot Ad & Various Bonzo Dog Clips - From Beat Club/Colour Me Pop
Do Not Adjust Your Set - 2 Shows, one is Do Not Adjust Your Stocking a Christmas special

The Innes Book of Records series 3, shows 4-6 (The Sea & Rockall in show 5 feature Vivian Stanshall)

Rutland Weekend Television nearly 8 hours of these shows, not very good quality 4 DVD’s (Neil Innes only)

Originals Vivian Stanshall : The Canyons Of His Mind (October Films for The BBC, 11/06/2004)

The Rock & Roll Years: 1968, Top Of The Pops 2 & Neil Innes Live at the Lewes Literary Festival (low quality), Nov 2003
(the former two featuring Bonzo songs from Colour Me Pop, and both on BBC 4 in the Summer of 2004, the latter is not professionally filmed)

One Mans Week - The TV strand follows Vivian around for a week, 1974

Recent discoveries and additions.

Rawlinson End MP3’s
The complete set of Rawlinson End radio shows, with out takes and alternate versions of five of these sessions.

The Charity Shop Tapes - A NISA (the Neil Innes Sound Archive) CD complied from some Bonzo reel to reel tapes discovered in a charity shop.

‘It was a great party’ - This NISA CD consists of tracks from ‘Colour Me Pop’ & an unissued B side recording known as ‘It was a great party until somebody found a hammer’ (Also on the Marquee Club CD).

Bonzo’s - Jazz Bilden - A 1960’s recording of the Bonzo’s Live & Neil Interviewed

Danny Baker chat’s to the Bonzo’s prior to the reunion gig, Radio London, Jan 06 & Neil Innes Interviewed on Radio London, 14 April 06

Vivian Stanshall Interviewed by Dave Glass, Radio 210, 29 June 1981

‘Holiday Home’ Vivian’s contribution to ‘The Warwick Sessions’, a very brief track, includes Arc of A Diver: A Steve Winwood Documentary, 27 March 2004.


Rawlinson Dogends: Live at the Bloomsbury theatre 1, 10 April 1991

Rawlinson Dogends: Another night at the Bloomsbury 2, April 1991.

Rawlinson Dogends: At the Kings Head Theatre 2, in June 1991.
The above three recordings are all 2 CD first generation copies, contributed by Jon Limbert who originally recorded them.


Bonzo Odds & Ends NIVA has put together a number of Bonzo clips on this DVD, some of which are also present on ‘Talking Pictures’.

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End: The Play
This adaptation of Rawlinson End by the Orion Players is a must see, although it’s neither professionally staged or filmed it’s still worth a look.

Of interest to you will be the video of the Bonzo’s performing on ‘Jazz Bilden’, you may already have heard the audio of this which was acquired some while ago, we now have it on DVD, there’s a logo that’s been blurred out of focus in the middle of the screen and also at the top & bottom of the screen.

There’s an audio CD of the songs from the Orion Players Sir Henry Play, it has 16 tracks.

Another ‘new’ thing is Phill Jupitus interviewing Neil Innes & Adrian Edmonson on his BBC 6 show & an interview with the Bonzos on Roland Rivron’s Radio 2 show (23/11/06).

How do I hear these?

As should be obvious, this is not a profit-making enterprise. Our sole aim is to spread the works of Vivian Stanshall to all who want to hear them.

If you wish to request to borrow anything from this archive then you'll need to contact us via the below e-mail address, only members may have access to this private research material, if you wish to become a memeber then please read the following page... Introduction

If you have anything not listed above that you would like to contribute to the archive then please let us know by putting the word Contribute in the subject heading of an e-mail to

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