Funding and Information

This sound archive is intended and designed to list all of the known commercially unavailable recordings of Vivian Stanshall.

This process has been running for the past year or so, voluntarily and at some personal expense there’s only five people involved in the archive, and only three of those are are fully involved:

Jonathan Street, is the main individual responsible for setting up this archive, and is a recent Graduate in Art & Design.

Andy Sloss is a freelance Graphic Designer who produces numerous charity websites among other work for little or nothing.

There’s also Dr Andrew Warrilow MRSC, who runs the Neil Innes Sound Archive (NISA)

There is a need for funding as expense goes toward purchasing and working on a number of rare finds on ebay and through trading lists which is an expensive but necessary process.

If you have any queries about this site please e-mail with the word ‘query’ and the item you want more information about written clearly in the subject heading.

We hope this information has been useful.