Below are some desktop images we've made for your pleasure - they're all 768 X 1024 pixels.


From artwork for the 'Live in Manchester 1975 - The Songs' NAS CD.

Big Grunt - Vivian Posing with Dennis Cowan, Roger Ruskin Spear and Fred Munt, early '70's.

The Bonzo's (sans Rodney Slater, who was sitting on the fllor in this picture and therefore had to be cropped out) this Photo is part of some 'Press Information' released by Liberty/UA.

Bonzo The Dog - Looking extremely worried, from the cover of Friends Magazine no. 2, January 31 1970.

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - A poster printed in a German Magazine, taken from the filming of 'Adventures of the Son of the Exploding Sausage'.

Viv disguised as a Preist, for an advertisement in NME, sometime in the very early '70's.

The Poster for the film Sir Henry at Rawlinson End.

A makeshift envelope that Viv made send a missive to Bill Kates, 21 October 1981.

An illustration by Viv - reproduced from the Bonzo fan magazine 'Doo Dah' issue 3, thought to have been published September 1986.

Viv Stanshall & Keith Moon in Nazi regalia, late '60's, early '70's - I forget which.

Vivian Posing with Cigar - from the programme for the 1988 Bloomsbury production of Stinkfoot.

Vivian Snorrbartstein Says - Would I lie to you?

Vivian snapped for Heckler magazine, 1992.

Looking distinctly like Betelgeuse in that suit, 'Magic Worms'.