The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band has, for those who somehow missed the fact, been touring throughout November 2006. For reasons of Health and Safety and Good Taste, Vivian was not there in person, but we thought that you might like to see what went on anyway.

So here are some bits of video that have appeared on youtube and some photos that were kindly donated by "a lifelong Bonzos/Viv fan". So wallow in remeniscence of one of the best nights of your life or curse any/all gods for having to miss the best tour of the century. And if you were lucky enough to go, were you naughty and snap some pics too? If so could we share them please?

Oh yes, there are also a couple of interviews, Phill Jupitus' blog and something else that I've completely forgotten and will post up when I remember...

Bonzo Reunion Tour Clips...

Sam Spoons Solo

Head Ballet

Trouser Press

Phill (Elvis) Jupitus does Canyons at Edinburgh

Urban Spaceman

And there's a daily blog by Phill Jupitus on the tour here.

And there was an interview with Ade Edmonson and Neil Innes on Phill Jupitus' BBC 6 Breakfast Show (10/11/06). There's a (rather clumsily edited) mp3 of the talking bits here (10 Mb).

And another interview. This one is with the Bonzos from Roland Rivron's Radio 2 show (23/11/06). Again clumsily edited, but in my defence both Mr. Rivron and his guests do get edited to talk over the music.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Bonzo Reunion Tour Photos ...