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The Vivian Stanshall Preservation Society

VSPS Newsletter Issue 3

1 August 1993

Dear Member

At long last, news!

Vivian has been feeling much better of late, and has been working hard on a variety of writing projects. In fact, as I write this letter, he is typing away furiously at a health farm somewhere in England... The result is that there is going to be a new Sir Henry album.As yet untitled, the album is scheduled for release later on this year - so watch this space (and the shelves in your local record shop). More news as soon as I have it. Vivian has also devised, scripted and starred in a one-minute, million-pound TV commercial for Ruddles ales. Everyone at the advertising agency is raving about how wonderful it is, and predicting that it is going to win prizes! The ad is based on Rawlinson End, with Vivian in his legendary role as Hubert. No firm screening dates yet, but watch out for the ad on TV over the next few weeks.

Finally, news about the forthcoming Merseybeatle Convention Weekend (Liverpool, 26-31 August), at which Neil Innes will be performing some Rutles numbers. Louise Marriott of I.N.N.E.S. tells me that she has arranged for some of her club members to attend the soundcheck at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre on the afternoon of 29 August - and VSPS members are now invited too. If you are interested in attending, please write (with your 'phone number) to: LOUISE MARRIOTT, ........... CLOSE, GEDLING, NOTTINGHAM by 10 August at the latest.

But hurry - numbers are strictly limited!

That's all for now, folks. The next newsletter will feature an extended, in-depth -interview with Vivian.


Sue Dyson

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