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Susie Honeyman Recalls

A brief chat with Neil Innes
Trapped by Jon while rehearsing with John Dowie backstage just before a gig in 2003.

A cosy chat with Pete Moss
A recent interview that we conducted of Pete on his friendship and working with Vivian
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 - Will come soon

The Beast Inside the Bonzos
A history of the Bonzos from Lovers, Buggers & Thieves, a recent book by Martin Jones

Dear Old Thing
Article from The Word after the Reunion gig, being mostly a potted history of the Bonzos, with some colour photos of said gigs. Oh yes, and a track list.

A wee dram with Steve Roberts
An interview with Steve Roberts, director of ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’

Strange doings at Bonzo manor
Another bizarre Roy Hollingsworth piece, this time about recording at the Manor studio

Older Articles listed below...

The Sir Henry at Rawlinson End play
Review, photos and link to the complete script by Nick Linfield

Sir Henry - the Ruddles ad
Essay and photos by Jonathan Street

The perfect Sir Henry Rawlinson
An exploration of Sir Henry in all his guises by John Hobbs

Trevor Howard's Sir Henry
extract from A Gentleman And A Player, the authorised biography of Trevor Howard by Vivienne Knight.

The Gonzo Dog Do Bar Band
Very short review


Interviews with and Articles by

The Viv Column - From Beat Instrumental, 1969.

One, Two, Three, Four

Kindly donated to us by Alexandra Nolletti.

Interview Nov 1970 from Friends
Long interview on the end of the Bonzos, Keynsham and life

Punch articles- early 70's
3 articles by Vivian - What I Want from '72, Wasting an Hour and How to Keep a Compartment to Yourself

Interview February 1992 from The Heckler
Long interview on the film, Dog Ends and Stinkfoot.

A Letter - Pages One & Two

To the 'Vivian Stanshall Preservation Society' 1992-4

Interview Nov 1992 for Terrasocpe

Interview on another site

Q Magazine Interview with Viv - January 1989
(1 Mb .pdf document - requires adobe acrobat reader or similar)

The Times, Wednesday March 8th 1995

Daily mail article - November 2001
Written to coincide with the publication of Ginger Geezer

Mojo Magazine May 1995

An obituary feature article

Kettering on If It's Wednesday It Must Be...

An article on Viv's short spots on the weekly radio show

Mustard Mag Article

An appreciation of Vivian from another site

A letter from Vivian

To Bill Kates, 21 October 1981, 1.4 Mb

Loves & Hates of Vivian Stanshall 168 Kb

I Want To Be With You Flyer 196 Kb

Keynsham Advert 532 Kb

Odd Boy Keynsham Flyer 112 Kb

NME Sir Henry Film Advert 1 Mb

Would I Lie To You, Keynsham Advert 256 Kb