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Rodney Slater - ‘He was like a medieval story-teller musician - you know, the 14th century foll who’d breeze into your life with a lute.’
John Peel - ‘I could never really think of anything to say when I’d played one of his pieces on the radio, and would end up, rather feebly, with something along the lines of “I fear that a single one of Viv’s thoughts would blow my damn brains out”.’
Paul McCartney - ‘We would just sit and talk of the inadequaacies and insanities of the world. And the Fred Astaire, Al Bowley, music-hall sort of thing we had in common too. And Viv and the guys were heavily influenced by The Goons, who were a very important thing for The Beatles too.’
Mike Oldfield - ‘Viv Stanshall did me a great favour and honour by wanting to be a part of the record [Tubular Bells]. He had never heard my music and I was a nobody at the time.’

Q mag 1989

Pete Townshend
- ‘He was astute about music. I remember being surprised by that because the Bonzo’s were so musically eccentric, I imagined their musical taste would be the same. In fact they were all very hip.’
Steve Winwood - ‘He was a one-off. he found the route that brought together elements of intellectual with rock’n’roll and comedy and poetry - he was incredibly well read - and it was just a unique combination. He couldn’t possibly create a niche or an art form because no-one else was clever enough to do it.’

Vivian Stanshall - ‘Why can't I be different and original, like everybody else?'

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